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Close your eyes and imagine the kind of world you would like to see.  What is it like?

 ** This writing prompt is from Abundance Blog at Marelisa Online, one of my favorite blogs (http://abundance-blog.marelisa-online.com/2009/09/11/119-journal-prompts-for-your-journal-jar/)!!! ** 

When I close my eyes and imagine my personal utopia, it is filled with sunlight soaking my shoulders, true love surrounding me, and peace all around.  This world is absent of all pain and unhappiness. 

While I know that pain and hurt are part of life, the type of world I would like to see is accepting of everyone just for who they are.  We all come from such unique circumstances and backgrounds.  If we only reminded ourselves of this before judging others, we just might be more accepting of one another.  This is what true peace means to me.

When I speak of true love surrounding me, I am not necessarily speaking of romantic love, but unconditional love.  The type of love that a parent has for his or her child.  The type of love between a couple who know they were put on this earth to be with one another.  The love of which I am speaking holds no bounds or limits.

This is my world…

What would your world look like in your imagination?


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  • He’s genuine.
  • He finds happiness in the life God gave him, which is being a frog.
  • He is the creation of Jim Henson, who was one of the most gifted, creative people in the past century.
  • He accepts everyone simply for who they are.
  • No other frog on earth can pull off singing “It’s Not Easy Being Green.”

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Last week, I found a blog that really brought a smile to my face! It’s called “1000 Awesome Things”, and here’s the link:  http://1000awesomethings.com/ .  (I also have a link to it under my blogroll on the sidebar.)  The site’s founder is getting ready to release a book with the same title.  Both the blog and book discuss really great, everyday things that happen to everyone at some point in their lives, such as being a kid and having a snow day or waking up to the smell of coffee in the morning.  Not only will the anecdotes about these occurrences make you laugh, but you will start thinking of the really awesome things that happen to you every day.

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I would like to share a link with you that includes 65 quotes on happiness.  As I have said before, I find quotes to be very insightful and inspiring in my life.  Very often, I come across a quote that sticks in my mind actively for days, and I find a variety of ways to plug it into my life.  Treat yourself to a few minutes of clicking on the following link and finding a quote or two to boost your own happiness and outlook: http://abundance-blog.marelisa-online.com/2009/04/16/65-happiness-quotes/ .  Happy reading to all…and enjoy! Please share your favorite quotes with me in my comments section – I would love to create a discussion among my readers.

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